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The Royston Cave Virtual Experience

Introducing The Royston Cave Virtual Experience - a brand new 3D, 360º virtual reality tour of Royston Cave!

Explore Royston Cave in stunning 3D. Zoom in and study the cave’s carvings in glorious HD and learn about the cave’s past with interactive hotspots.

View the cave from new perspectives. Reach new heights and see the cave from never-before-seen angles including up above (a view not seen by visitors since 1790!), and switch the lights off to experience Royston Cave in the dark.

Plus, delve deep underground and immerse yourself in Royston Cave with virtual reality technology!*

*The Royston Cave Virtual Experience requires internet connection or mobile data. Mobile data charges may apply. Some features require a VR enabled device and headset. See our Terms of Use.

The Royston Cave Virtual Experience

The Royston Cave Virtual Experience is a transformative tool for access and education.

We are committed to ensuring Royston Cave is, and feels, accessible for everyone. So, we are very proud that Royston Cave is now, for the first time in its long history, online and freely available to all regardless who you are or where you’re from. Our heritage belongs to us all.

Royston Cave was discovered 278 years ago this month. We hope this new tool will allow a modern global audience to discover the cave all over again, encouraging new demographics to engage with its history and connect with its stories.

The Royston Cave Virtual Experience had originally planned to launch back in March, alongside a new exhibition of Royston Cave artefacts at Royston Museum. This was postponed due to COVID-19. With the subsequent long term closure of Royston Cave, this virtual tour has been developed for online use so visitors can continue to explore this unique site. We’re excited to be able to share the magic of Royston Cave with you once more.

In the future, The Royston Cave Virtual Experience will be permanently housed at Royston Museum for visitors and residents. A VR headset will be available on site for anyone who wishes to use it. We also aim to take the headset into schools as part of our outreach education programme. This will enable large groups of schoolchildren to experience Royston Cave without the on-site limitations.

Capturing Royston Cave in 3D also provides a permanent visual record of Royston Cave's current condition. This can be used critically to track deterioration and aid future conservation efforts.

The virtual tour will initially be made freely available online throughout August and September 2020.

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Presented by an experienced guide, you'll learn the meaning behind the cave's carvings, hear stories of its discovery and uncover its most intriguing secrets.

Your ticket also includes free access to The Royston Cave Virtual Experience for 48 hours after your tour.

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Make the most of your experience with our handy tips and tricks on how to use The Royston Cave Virtual Experience.

Zoom: Zoom in and out using your mouse or trackpad, or pinching on a touch screen, to get a closer look.

Pan: The virtual tour provides a 360º view of Royston Cave. Click and drag the cursor left and right to pan the cave walls.

Hotspots: Click on the pulsating hotspots to find out more about each of the carvings. Click the ‘x’ icon to close the information box. Click the hotspot icon in the bottom right of the screen to hide hotspots.

Menu: Click on the menu icon in the top right of the screen to learn about the cave’s discovery and theories about its origin.

Dark Mode: Click the lightbulb icon in the bottom right of the screen to switch the cave lights on and off.

Full Screen: Click the square icon in the bottom right of the screen to access Full Screen mode.

3D Mode: Click the 3D icon in the bottom right of the screen to access 3D mode.

VR Mode: VR enabled devices will show a headset icon in the bottom left of the screen. VR mode requires a headset. Headsets can be as simple as a foldable cardboard viewer or a more advanced headset such as the Oculus Go/Quest/Rift, HTC Vive or Windows Mixed Reality.


This stunning resource was created by Virtronix; a 3D, 360°, VR specialist based in Hatfield, Hertfordshire, working across the UK. Creators of advanced, immersive, virtual reality tours and experiences, Virtronix have a passion for capturing reality and sharing it with the wider world. Since 2017, the Hatfield-based studio has created a wide variety of virtual tours and VR experiences for properties, hotels, schools, attractions and more right across the country.

Richard Jackson, Managing Director of Virtronix, says:

‘By using the power of 360° photography and 3D photogrammetry, we really hope to help bring the story of Royston Cave to life in an exciting and engaging way to everyone at home so that no-one misses out on its rich history and quirky tales while the real cave remains closed. We hope this will whet everyone's appetite to discover more about this great attraction until the doors reopen in 2021.’

We cannot thank Richard and his team enough for their skill, professionalism and patience, and for making our dream a virtual reality.


Thank you!

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