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Open  2 Apr - 25 Sep

£7 Adults /  £2 Child 

£4 Concession

Melbourn Street

Royston, SG8 7BZ

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Summer Solstice at Royston Cave

Thought by some to be Pagan in origin and situated on the Mary and Michael Ley lines, experience the longest day of the year at one of Britain’s most unique sites and bask in the cave's energy.


What was the Cave used for?

Royston Cave is an enigma. No records of its age or purpose exist. Some theories suggest it was used by the Knights Templar, others as a private chapel or hermitage.

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Conservation Challenges

From water ingress to microbiological growth to gnat larvae, learn about the many conservation challenges currently facing Royston Cave.


The Royston Cave Virtual Experience

Delve deep underground with our 3D, 360 degree digital replica of Royston Cave. View the cave from new perspectives, descend the tunnel and zoom your way around the carvings. 

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Our Archive

Our Archive is a unique record of Royston Cave's past and present, including; its discovery, carvings, theories and its progression as a visitor attraction. It is a free resource for researchers, academics and members of the public.


The Melody of Royston Cave

A beautifully evocative piece of orchestral music specially developed for us by award-winning Hertfordshire composer and orchestrator, Harry Boulton. Listen to the track below.

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