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We've put together some activities and resources for the whole family to discover at home, so even the littlest explorers can get involved.

All of our resources are free to download for personal use. You must not distribute them or use them for any commercial purpose.

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The Melody of 
Royston Cave

A beautifully evocative piece of orchestral music specially developed for us by award-winning Hertfordshire composer and orchestrator, Harry Boulton.

Harry says, " I’ve incorporated the medieval chant ‘Ave Maris Stella’ in the introduction, loosely basing part of the theme’s modality on it. I thought it a nice subtle touch to the carvings and religious allegory…[and] a balance between subtlety and quasi-cinematic movements in terms of orchestration.”

Listen to the track below.

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Reality Cave


Drop Royston Cave directly into your living room with our pocket-sized Augmented Reality Cave!


Pinch and zoom your way around the carvings and share your screenshots on social media. #roystoncave 



Viewing on a desktop? Scan this QR code with your phone!

AR Cave White.png

Arts & Crafts

Get creative with our arts and crafts Activity Sheets! We’ll be adding more activities soon including experiments, puzzles & education packs! 

Please print responsibly.

Colouring Sheets


It's thought that Royston Cave was originally painted in bright colours, similar to a medieval church.


Try to imagine what it might have looked like and have a go at designing your very own carvings with our colouring sheets. The funkier the better!

Please print responsibly.



Can you find all of the words in these wordsearches?

Please print responsibly.